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Our Ph.D. developed compatibility test puts you in control, and has the power to dramatically increase the odds of finding someone who is right for you in the world of free online dating.

Within our free online dating profiles, you will find thoughtful women and men who are serious about finding a dating relationship that has a good chance of becoming the true love of their life.

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  CompatibleChoice                Composite = 117

     Personality      121

     Communication & Conflict

      Resolution  112

     Romantic & Sexual Style   99

     Financial Style      103

     Coping Style      121

     Interests      120

     Family Values      105

Why Compatible Free Online Dating® is a free online dating service for women and men who are seeking lasting and satisfying relationships. It's unique and powerful free online dating matching system puts each member in control of finding compatible others. Its Ph.D. developed compatibility test was designed to assess the areas of compatibility that are most important for a couple's long term happiness and satisfaction.

This free online dating website was created by a practicing psychologist to provide a free, revolutionary online dating and matching service. The core of the compatibility matching system is the Compatible Lifestyle Questionnaire-R© which is used to assess psychological compatibility for couples. A comprehensive study with the Compatible Lifestyle Questionnaire-R© demonstrated that it is a highly valid measure of compatibility for couples.

How Our Free Online Dating Compatibility Test Works

Scores are presented in each member's profile as an overall composite and as individual scale scores. The average is 100. In general, as compatibility test numbers increase, the probability of long term happiness and contentment also increases, making this a highly useful tool for free online dating

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